7 Commandments for Awesome Window Coverings

Who thinks that window coverings are only a small part of interior design? That can’t be farther from the truth! Window coverings actually comprise a sizable chunk of the interior design projects we do at Karen Goodrich Interiors. People care so much about how their windows would look that oftentimes, clients and friends would ask me for tips on how to choose or design awesome window coverings. Don’t you sometimes wish that windows would just be magically fabulous by themselves?

If you’re one of the discerning individuals who love to dress well and make your home look equally as polished, then it just follows that you’d love to have some awesome window coverings, just like plenty of my clients. Problem is, choosing window coverings is a real art in itself and failing in one area can make or break your home’s look.

How so?

There’s a multitude of factors to consider when choosing window coverings that it can be very overwhelming, especially for someone who’s not well-versed with design.

The above is why I decided to write these 7 Commandments to Awesome Window Coverings. I wanted to share tips which you can use to assist you with choosing window coverings and making the right decisions so that you can have a beautiful home with the Karen Goodrich touch.

The 7 Commandments to Awesome Window Coverings

These 7 commandments are interior design tips I’ve used and tested throughout the years. Use them well and you’ll surely have fantastic windows!

1st Commandment – Thou Shall Consider Privacy

How much privacy do you want?

What size windows do you have?

Are your windows within view of neighbours or the street?

Can other people look into your home through your windows?

All of the above are privacy considerations which you may want to keep in mind when choosing window coverings. How much privacy you want your window coverings to provide you will affect your options for choosing window coverings. How so? Shades, for instance, often provides a better way or means of blocking out all light and visibility, whilst blinds have slats which can be adjusted to alter just how much can be seen from the outside looking in.

2nd Commandment – Thou Shall Take Advantage of Natural Light

Using window coverings should not prevent you from utilising and enjoying natural light. In fact, the best window coverings fully take advantage of giving you the best use of natural light whilst still giving you the privacy and other functionalities you need.

3rd Commandment – Thou Shall Utilise Texture and Colour

Ah, texture! Who thinks of this when it comes to choosing window coverings? Maybe people think about colour, yes, but texture is not something which usually comes to mind.

These days, there are plenty of materials and finishes which are used to make awesome window coverings. You can choose which textures you like and ask it to be made in the colour of your choosing to match your room or just about whatever you fancy. Think roman shades can only be made out of fabric? There are ones made of natural fibres these days, such as rattan, and bamboo.

4th Commandment – Thou Shall Use Your Own Decorating Style

Just as the eyes are the windows to your soul (or so the saying goes), your house (and your windows) are a reflection of you as well. You cannot use blinds if you’re a roman shade type of person, or else you’ll feel like you’re staying at someone else’s home. This is also a factor when choosing the textures, patterns, and colours you’ll want in your windows.

5th Commandment – Thou Shallhave a Budget and Stick to It

Window coverings can get really expensive so it is always helpful to have a set budget or price range in place. You’d also have to consider the other windows in your house for continuity of design or décor. For instance, you can’t just have one window be all fancy when the rest of the windows in the room are looking shabby. There should be some continuity or a link to everything else, a common element like colour, fabric, pattern, or material.

More so, you’ll have to remember that window coverings are often priced per window or sets of windows. You’ll find this worded as custom window coverings X 3 areas, or custom window treatments X 3 areas in ads or websites of businesses which do this aspect of interior decoration and interior design.

6th Commandment – Thou Shall Go For Function       

Your window covering should be able to ‘cover’ your window. This means choosing something with a heavier fabric or better light-blocking characteristics if the window is facing the afternoon sun or if you want the best window covering for a space like a home theatre. The same can be said for window coverings for the bedroom windows. Sheer ones may be okay for the kitchen and common living areas but the bedroom’s window cover is a different thing.

Speaking of function, one aspect of it is the much-dreaded “how often do I need to clean my window covering?” question. Please read the next commandment for more information into this.

7th Commandment – Thou Shall Consider Safety

Safety is perhaps the least considered amongst all the above commandments for picking and designing the best window coverings. Most people simply install whatever window coverings looks great but if you have pets and small children at home, you may truly want to take a look into this as one of the most important things to consider. Strings from blinds can hurt a toddler as well as entangle a playful cat. Thankfully these days, there are cordless options for those who may have that concern.

There are also allergies which you may want to look into. Some types of window coverings (such as blinds) are dust magnets. This means that if you are very sensitive to dust, you may want to choose roman shades instead of blinds because they are easier to clean since they don’t accumulate as much dust.

Still having some trouble on choosing the best window coverings for your place? Contact us via our Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, and St. George Area offices and let my team at Karen Goodrich Interiors take care of the rest in providing you professionally done awesome window coverings for your home!

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