Interior Design VS. DIY – Why Should I Pay Someone When I have Really Good Taste?

Hiring an interior designer does not mean you’re not design-savvy or that you don’t have a sense of style. It simply means that you have enough common sense to realise that it is oftentimes a lot cheaper to have a professional take care of something for you so that you can avoid costly mistakes and save up on time.

So why do you need to get an interior designer?

Think of hiring an interior designer as simply like opting to have dinner at a fancy restaurant. You may be a fabulous chef but there are simply times when it is better to have someone do the heavy lifting for you. Sure, you know how to pick the best entrée and maybe replicate it at home but the restaurant’s chef can prepare it more efficiently. All you have to do is wait for your professionally prepared meal to be brought to your table! That’s how having your interiors professionally designed works!

So how do we move forwardto you actually hiring someone for your home improvement or home renovation job without you thinking that you’re doing the wrong thing?

First of, you’ll have to get past the fact that…

There’s Nothing Wrong With Hiring an Interior Designer!

Gone are the days when only the rich, famous, and snobby are the folks who would hire interior designers to do their place’s interiors. It is a shame that up to this day, a lot of people are put off by the thought of hiring a bathroom designer or a kitchen designer because they think that doing so would be a reflection of them not having a good aesthetic eye, or that it would make them seem like they are too ‘grand’ to be like ‘normal’ folks. You have to get your head off this kind of limited thinking and see that getting a professional for your home’s interior design is just the same as having your wedding dress sewn by a specialist or having your bread baked by a baker. See? It really is no big deal!

Are you now okay with hiring an interior designer or would still you prefer to go the DIY route?

Here are some reasons why paying someone to do your home’s interior design can be a lot better than DIY:

Hiring an interior designer gets things done faster

Professionally executed interior design means no frills and getting to the core of what you want your home to look like plus how you want it to function in as little time as possible whilst being cost efficient at the same time. It’s like home pizza delivery on steroids but done the home improvement way!

Interior designers knows the right people for the job

You may know someone who does wood or someone who knows ‘wirings and stuff’ but unless they are people who do those things for a living, you really would not want to jeopardise your and your home’s safety by DIY-ing things or just getting some random person to do it for you.

Hiring an interior designer means you don’t have to think of finding the right plumber, the right electrician, the right joiner and all that. Hiring interior designers means all of that is taken care of for you because they usually have a complete list of professional and reliable tradespeople with whom they often work with. You can also ask your interior designer to choose only tradespersons with work insurance when he or she getssomeone to work on your home improvement or home renovation interior design job.

Interior designer knows the right materials to use

I cannot stress it enough that just because two materials look the same, it doesn’t mean that they handle wear and tear the same way nor functions the same way. Ladies, that’s like saying that a cream blush is the same as a lippie. And for you gents, pomade is definitely not the same as vaseline.

This is not just about construction, home renovation, or home improvement materials either, it is about having a visually pleasing and superbly functional space which would give you years of joy and pleasure. The right materials coupled with beautiful textures, patterns, and colours which speaks of your personal design aesthetic is a happy sight indeed.

Interior designers gets things done cheaper

Unless you are also professionally trained as an interior designer, chances are you’ll have to redo things, make costly mistakes, or do some of your DIY by trial and error. There is nothing wrong with that and I genuinely applaud people who can be very creative, however, not everyone can afford to do so. What do I mean?

For bigger projects such as those needing complete interior design services or perhaps for truly important ones such as designing a safe nursery which can easily transform into a child’s bedroom after a few years, nothing beats the input of someone who knows how to do it the right way.

Give your home a professional assessment and execution

What does this give you? Professional assessment and execution means not having to change things which does not need to be changed, thereby saving you time and money. This also means leaving no stone unturned and no detail unaccounted for. It may not seem much to you now but one small flaw or a little crack can turn into one huge mess later on. A professional eye for detail notices and takes care of all that.

Increase your home’s selling value

Should you plan to sell your home in the future, hiring a kitchen designer, bathroom designer, or interior designer means that the changes you want will be done to a professional standard which only serves to add value to your home.

Clumsily erected partitions and crooked tiling may work for you but they will make your property look a lot cheaper than its actual value. Sure, there are people who can do an impeccable looking carpentry job or tiling job but how safe is a wall partition done the DIY way? How can you be sure that the grout you used for DIY tiling will hold up to wear and tear? There’s just too many variables which will be done more efficiently by having a professional do it for you.

Hiring interior designers can give your home that WOW factor

Ever had a crush on a house? Some of my clients (and perhaps you as well) seem to be susceptible to that. It usually happens when you see a home at a magazine, on the internet, or at your neighbourhood and you simply want to keep seeing it again and again. You can’t help it, you’re infatuated!

Well, well, well, that’s part of the deal which makes having your home’s interiors professionally designed so sweet. Who wouldn’t love to wake up to such beautiful surroundings on a daily basis? I for one, won’t mind!

Ready to have crush-worthy home interiors? Then contact us at Karen Goodrich Interiors! We mostly cater to clients in the St. George, Sutherland Shire, and Eastern Suburbs area of Sydney but don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re nearby. Who knows? The Karen Goodrich creative touch may be all your home needs!

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Karen Goodrich is the interior designer behind the boutique interior design company, Karen Goodrich Interiors. She offers a complete service for designing stunning interiors in Sydney including Custom Furniture, Custom Upholstery, Home Styling and Window Coverings for commercial and residential clients throughout the Eastern Suburbs, St George, and Sutherland Shire regions in Sydney. Contact her by leaving a comment or using the contact form in this page.